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We are curtains and blinds store in Melbourne that sew the curtains and install them in your house in shortest time. If you want to make your window a little more beautiful, ask help from us. What you need is curtain & blind services.

If you are looking to design and sew curtains for your home, shop, workshop or store, the Unique Designing group also operates as one of its services in this field and is the best curtain sale in Dandenong. The curtain is used as one of the multifunctional tools in the buildings, which in addition to its main role, namely beauty, prevents direct light from entering the space and somehow protects the effect of sunlight on the devices and damaging to them. The Unique Designing group, Curtain Sale Melbourne, has provided the possibility of different curtain designs and Curtain sewing, due to having creative decoration designers as well as professional installers.

In the continuation of this text, we have brought the process of designing and sewing curtains by the Unique Designing group, curtains and blinds shop in Melbourne, and mention the details of the work that we will do. So join us!

Design and curtains swing

As with any service at Unique Designing, design and sewing curtains involves steps and details, in each of which we work in coordination with the project owner. In this case, we get help from the professional group of installation and designers of curtains, as well as tailors of professional tailoring. In general, the steps we do in projects are:

Measure the required window and the amount of curtains in terms of length and width

Choose the fabric according to the material and color

Choose curtain rods according to its style

Curtain sewing by professional tailors

Install the curtain rod

Install curtains and blinds

We always try to provide you with the best service by using curtain design ideas and Curtain sewing. If you are looking for curtain designs for bedroom, or need curtain designs for living room, you can view our product catalog online and choose them. We are one of the famous curtains and blinds shop in Melbourne that offer many services in the field of sewing and installation of curtains.

What is the cost of sewing curtains

If you want to know what is the cost of sewing curtains and the price of installing curtains in the Unique Designing Read more.

Before determining the price of sewing curtains, the size of the curtain must be determined. Usually the fabric needed to sew curtains for a window is 3 times the length of the window, which of course also depends on the type of curtain sewing. For this reason, no specific price can be considered for these services; Because the simpler the curtain, the lower the cost of sewing it. Also, the installation price of different types of reception curtains, blinds, shed and zebra curtains and all modern models of curtains are different and its price is usually offered after swing.

After choosing model of curtains and fabrics, from silk and lace to cotton, you can request the amount of price from curtain specialists working in the master and do not worry about it; Because the characteristic of the Unique Designing is that with the transparency of prices, it helps you to be aware of the price of curtain services before starting work so that you can make an intelligent decision. if you want to see our curtain designs in Australia, you can follow our Facebook or Instagram page and see our portfolio.

To find us, it is enough to search the best curtains and blinds near me, or curtain alterations near me or even the curtain hanging services near me. We are a well-known brand in the field of curtains and blinds in Melbourne and we are ready to paint your homes.

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