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Unique Designing is more commonly known as a curtain fabric shop Dandenong. But selling quality fabrics is just one of the services we offer. Our other services include curtain design, sewing and installation. Just choose the curtain model and the type of fabric. We will come to your place, take the sizes, sew the curtain and install it in the desired location. So if you ask anyone who is the best curtain store near me, you will probably hear our name. Because all these steps do in a short time and at a reasonable price and customers are completely satisfied with our services. It should note that all the fabrics we sell have a 6-month guarantee, so be sure of their quality.

Also, we are a fabric and curtain shop Dandenong; we again sew pillows. You can choose the fabric and any pillow you want so our tailors can sew the pillowcase according to the standard and prepare it for you. We also sell blanket and bed sheet and offer services all over Australia.

Another field in which we are professionals is the supply of Arabic majlis and Afghan Toshak which have many fans. So customers may even mention Unique Designing as Arabic majlis Australia or Arabic majlis furniture Melbourne. You can see Arabic majlis and Afghan Toshak various designs and colours on the gallery.

To know us and our service better visit our social network. There we put different types of fabrics, curtains, pillows, Afghan Toshaks, Arabic majlis and blankets so that customers have more choice and can easily order the product they want.