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The types of new and modern carpet and rugs models that are produced today are always famous for their beautiful design. Maybe nothing can change the interior decoration of a house. Carpet and rugs that use beautiful patterns and rich colours so that as soon as they are placed in any decoration, they will become its focal point. In this article, you will get acquainted with a collection of the best models of modern and fancy rugs, so that if you are also looking for carpet and rugs for sale, you will find the right carpet designs for living room or carpet designs for bed room by looking at carpet and rugs models in our facebook or Instagram page.

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As you can see the photos of rugs and runners in gallery page, some designers have used bright and cheerful colours in the design of the rug, while others have placed these cheerful colors in a background of soothing colors and therefore created the advent of models is very diverse and colourful. The softness, warmth and durability of this model of carpet and rugs have made them the best choice for the floor of any house. No matter what choice you make, without exception, all of these carpet design for floor are like an art wall painting, except that they are placed on the floor instead of on the wall.


In choosing carpet and rugs in Australia, it is always very important that the design and shape of the carpet and rugs is suitable for home decoration. For this reason, you can see that in all photos, an attempt has been made to maintain harmony between the carpet and other decorative components, such as furniture and curtains. Some people believe that carpet is not suitable for modern decoration of a house covered with ceramic or wood or stone flooring and reduces the beauty of the house, but it is not like this at all. Not only does it not detract from the beauty of your home décor, but if chosen correctly, it can significantly increase the value and beauty of the place and become a kind of work of art on the ground. In the following figures, you will see the best examples of new rugs with a fancy design.

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When it comes to Iranian culture and identity, the carpet is undoubtedly one of the prominent symbols that show this culture and identity. Apart from the carpet industry, which today has become one of the strongest commercial levers of the country, this Iranian art has also taken on a cultural function; So that the designs and patterns of each not only represent a special historical period, but also reveal symbols of the culture of its weavers who are from specific regions of Iran.

Although the date of the beginning of the carpet weaving is not known and it is not clear from which region the weaving of the carpet started, but most historians and archaeologists agree that the Iranians were among the first tribes to start weaving the carpet. Evidence suggests that the carpet was created for purely practical purposes, such as protecting the villagers’ houses from the cold and damp, and at least opened its way as an ornamental work and a sign of change in the houses of the nobility.

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