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Looking to buy blanket in Australia? Is the material and price of the blanket important to you? Do you like the original Turkish blanket with a traditional design?

We are a Dandenong fabric store and we also sell Turkish blanket set and pillows. Bed blanket set with baby designs or flower designs that give beautiful dreams to your sleep. Single and large size blankets are available in popular designs such as blanket set king and bedding sets queen. If your skin is sensitive and the softness of the blanket is important to you, be sure to visit our blanket sale store in dandenong. Here we sell blankets from famous Turkish brands that are suitable for the size of double and single beds. So if you want a blanket set for full size bed and can’t find much time, contact us. We have all sizes of blankets here, blanket sale Australia.

blanket set price

If you are looking for a blanket in Australia, in addition to the material, the blanket set price is probably important to you. The prices of our blankets are very competitive and reasonable so that we can attract many customers across Australia and Melbourne. All blanket products, from Turkish blanket set to children’s blankets, are available on our blanket sale store in dandenong with different designs.

Our reputation is due to the quality of the blankets and the good price we offer. Since we are the main supplier and sell Turkish blankets directly in Australia, the price of blankets is not comparable to other stores.

The best Dandenong blanket shop

Do you know how many of our customers find us?

Just search for the blanket sale near me. Then Google will suggest us to you. We have been working in the field of sewing curtains, pillows and selling furniture and carpets for many years, and we are one of the most well-known blanket shops in Dandenong. To order or buy a blanket, visit our shop or contact us through the contact lines.

You do not need to come to our shop to see our best-selling examples such as the bedding sets queen, blanket set king or blanket set for full size bed. You can see different designs on our Facebook or Instagram page and order whichever you choose via WhatsApp or private chat. It does not matter where you are in Australia and order our products, we will send you any type you want, one or more you need, and all our products have a guarantee.

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